Centralisation of info
& internal communication

"After professional experiences for both a real estate marketing agency (Gabari) and an innovative real estate agency (We Invest), I know the importance of staying ahead of the competition by implementing the latest technological innovations."

Isabelle Rombouts, Sales manager @BPI

Isabelle Rombouts

Sales manager

"Instead of relying on a Sharepoint or a Dropbox, I just drop all relevant sales data (prices, plans, 3D tours, 3D visuals, turntables, videos, etc.) on the Prompto platform.

The platform really facilitates internal communication and sales reps seem to like how easily they can navigate the different projects and availabilities. If I want to change a picture, a plan or a price, I do it myself. It really is that simple."

How did we collaborate with Isabel?

Platform for sales enablement and centralisation of data 💻 + Prompto Creative services 🧑‍🎨 to help tell visually appealing stories = ❤️

Being a sales manager for a project developer these days is like juggling burning cars while crossing a crocodile infested river. While Prompto strongly believes Isabel should always and at any time be able to modify her project specs, prices, plans, etc. herself, Prompto gladly helped a hand in building a sexy showcase the first time.

The platform was conceived to be a DIY (do it yourself) solution to centralize scattered data in order to facilitate communication between prospects, marketeers, sales and management. To help Isabelle, we gave an onboarding session to ease the integration of the platform in BPI's specific workflows.

Prompto's creative team created the 3D visuals for 4 different projects. Both interiors, exteriors and 360 tours.

Blurred for privacy reasons in the screenshot below but feel free to ask for a demo!

A sexy single source of truth

Sales should sell. We firmly believe sales should not be looking for scattered info in Excel files, Sharepoints, CRM systems, etc. It's the fastest way to bore and frustrate them. They shouldn't be losing time printing pictures or doing all sorts of administrative work.

We are convinced that sales reps don't like administration. They're a social breed. Let them do what they're good at! 😊


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