Why we chose Prompto for Alides

"In 2020, Alides was actively looking for a way to digitize their sales process. After product demonstrations of multiple sales enablement platforms, Alides concluded that Prompto was the best match because it perfectly matched our way of working and the way we want to communicate with our customers."

"What I was really looking for in a sales enablement platform was to get a nice helicopter view of all our projects and content". Prompto does that for us."


Head of Commercial B2C & MarCom.

We worked together before on multiple projects. Prompto provided Alides with 3D images and videos.

During that cooperation, the challenge we faced at Alides became Prompto's challenge, it seems. 😊 We started working together extensively to finetune the platform to suit Alides' needs. We digitized our sales workflow by uploading all their newbuild real estate projects onto the platform. We involved the commercial advisors from the start during a couple of onboarding meetings.

How are we selling today

We used to sell using printed out sales binders, floorplans & visuals.

Nowadays, our commercial advisors are selling of plan using their tablet or laptop. Because all the content (prices, plans, availabilities, addresses, number of units, technical files etc,) are so intuitively organised in the showcase, commercial advisors lose less time and spend more time doing what they love to do - selling.

While Prompto strongly believes Wouter should always and at any time be able to modify his project specs, prices, plans, etc. himself, Prompto gladly helped a hand in building a sexy showcase the first time. Nowadays, Alides does it themselves. No hidden costs, no bills for a minor change. Just their very own portfolio environment they can manage themselves.

The platform was conceived to be a DIY (do it yourself) solution to centralize scattered data in order to facilitate communication between prospects, marketeers, sales and management. To help Wouter, we gave an onboarding session to ease the integration of the platform in Alides' specific workflows.

Prompto's creative team created the 3D visuals for quite a few different projects. Both interiors, exteriors, videos and 360 tours.

One sexy platform to rule them all 😊. "them" = all the real estate data. Because god knows,... there's a lot to know and to show when selling a project before it is build. It is quite often the single biggest financial decision of our customers' lives. So providing them with a platform that centralises all this data and makes it easily accessible is the least I can do for my sales agents and our customers.

Prompto = single source of truth = helicopter view

During the past 3 years, Alides has already commercialized over 400 units with Prompto, of which 143 are still for sales today.

Since the start, the commercial team has grown a lot. New team members have grown the team to 8 people. Started with 1 project, where today there are 8 active projects spread over multiple locations,..

Sales should sell. We firmly believe sales should not be looking for scattered info in Excel files, Sharepoints, CRM systems, etc. It's the fastest way to bore and frustrate them. They shouldn't be losing time printing pictures or doing all sorts of administrative work. We are convinced that sales reps don't like administration. They're a social breed. Let them do what they're good at! 😊

Next up?
Connecting Prompto with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Alides' CRM system.
So that prices and availabilites are always showing the correct data.


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