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Prompto helps you centralize your real estate and your stakeholders in one sexy platform that helps you sell, rent & manage your real estate more effectively.

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New tools for old problems.

We’ve built multiple solutions that help reimagine how real estate is sold, rented, serviced and managed. Making it easier to collaborate and far more enjoyable.

Losing overview of your assets?

State-of-the-art technology to digitize your entire portfolio. For both new-built and existing real-estate.

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Still presenting like it's 2005?

Create, show, share and track stunning sales stories that will blow your stakeholders minds.

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All sorts of files all over the place?

Simple sharing and seamless collaboration. Invite all your stakeholders with dedicated access rights.

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Guessing what prospects are doing?

Track clicks, visits, presentation shares & opens and compare with competitors in real-time.

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Misalignment with your partners?

Communicate with prospects, customers, agents, partners and across all departments through one easy-to-use DIY platform.

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Struggling with technology?

Be future-proof without heavy upfront investment in €, time or effort. You focus on what you do best while we invest heavily in the development of the platform.

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Unrivaled customer experience

It's not just the easy DIY technology that makes Prompto unique - it's the seamless customer journey it enables that makes us the only choice for discerning REIT's and project developers.


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The leading real estate companies in Europe have chosen Prompto to replace their old way of doing business. We’re catering to a staggering 25.000 units across the country. And we just got started!


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