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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is your all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and centralizing projects.
Seamlessly sync with your CRM, and enjoy the added benefit of visualizing projects on a map for enhanced spatial insights.

Streamline your workflow, boost collaboration, and make informed decisions effortlessly.

Content Management

Step into the era of a “single source of truth” with our Content Management feature.

No longer worry about file mismatches among team members
—everyone collaborates with the correct version, ensuring seamless workflow efficiency.

Centralize your content effortlessly for a unified and synchronized experience.

Lead Management

Introducing our Lead Management feature, a powerful tool designed to streamline your lead interactions.
Manage leads from diverse sources across all your projects seamlessly.

With the Kanbanboard follow-up system, you can efficiently track and nurture leads. Assign specific team members to handle individual leads, ensuring personalized and effective follow-up.

Elevate your lead management game with a comprehensive solution that enhances organization and collaboration across your projects.

Unit Management

Streamline your operations with our Unit Management feature, your all-in-one solution for centralized unit data. Effortlessly import and export units, enriching them with vital information, content, and documents.

Simplify your workflow by keeping everything in one place, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient data management.

Team Management

Introducing our “Team Management” feature — the ultimate tool for seamless collaboration within your company. Easily invite team members and assign specific roles such as Owner, Manager, Agent, or Project Executive.

Take control of project assignments by allocating colleagues or agents to one or multiple projects, ensuring clear responsibilities and efficient project execution.

Elevate your teamwork with precision and flexibility at your fingertips.

Interactive Sales Experience

Embark on a personalized sales journey with our Interactive Sales Experience feature. Whether you want to craft your own tour or prefer our expert touch, showcase your project dynamically.

Present your units in a captivating digital format, highlighting distinctive features that set them apart. Empower visitors to navigate through the project, filtering options to discover their perfect unit effortlessly.

Elevate the way you sell by offering an immersive, user-driven experience that transforms potential buyers into satisfied customers.

Advanced Analytics

Empower your decision-making with our Advanced Analytics feature. Gain valuable insights into your project’s performance by tracking total and unique visits per project. Dive deeper into client engagement, discovering how frequently a specific client interacts with your project.

Geo-location data adds another layer of understanding, revealing where your visitors are accessing your project from. With these comprehensive analytics, you’ll not only measure success but also refine your strategies, ensuring your project attracts the right audience and maximizes its impact.

Stay informed, stay ahead.

Integrate with your systems

Prompto effortlessly seduces seamless synegy with other systems! Connect with CRM platforms, listing sites and marketing webistes.
Send leads and provide data.


Prompto simplifies real estate sales, enhances
collaboration, and boosts efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, there is a free package that allows you to generate and capture leads. 
If you wish to manage and follow up those leads you will need to contact sales and upgrade your package.

Unlimited? Unlimited!!!
With Prompto, you can centralize your whole portfolio easily. You get an unlimited amount of projects, with unlimited media storages & unlimited inactive units.

Furthermore, you are not limited to only your active projects. Your old & upcoming projects can be added without extra charge, giving you a complete portfolio overview.

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Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you switch to the package you want (or need).

We will always focus on what you need and help you find the ideal solution.

The pricing is based on the amount of Active Units you have in our platform.

Every unit that is actively being sold, is an Active Unit. This unit then counts towards the total amount of units in your billing. So if they’re “available” or “in option” then they will be counted. If they are “new” or “sold” then they will not be accounted for.

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